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Rabio a solution for Verlata

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Date: January 13, 2023, 8:30 am

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We are very happy to read about the working cases of Rabio and recently we received an email from an employee in Verlata.

Verlata is a social cooperative based in Italy. Verlata’s mission is to support and promote the social integration of people with disabilities and or social disadvantages.

As mentioned in Verlata's web page organization page "Since its establishment, Verlata has offered every worker to be a member, bringing their own contribution not only in operational and professional terms, but to invest in the overall project of the Cooperative, taking part in decision-making processes and collaborating in the management of working and social life. This structuring opens up co-responsibility in the construction and management of a workplace capable of expressing the chosen values, respecting the characteristics and skills of each one. The joint effort is aimed at experimenting with a truly democratic and participatory form of enterprise, also through special spaces and tools for discussion and participation, first and foremost the monthly shareholders' meeting.
The sharing of the common cultural heritage, which outlines the identity of the cooperative over time, is strengthened by regular training sessions, both professional and properly social."

Verlata Today

Today Verlata operates within the network of social welfare services in the area, collaborating in particular with the Ulss 7 Pedemontana and the public administrations. It has also developed stable partnerships with numerous companies for the management of services or the supply of products.
As of January 2016, the organization has nearly 90 worker members. 35 people are employed in production services. In the educational services, 80 people are supervised. The total number of people currently involved in the Cooperative is over 200. From its inception until December 2015, the cooperative has taken care of over 600 people.

How Rabio is used

As explained to us, Verlata needs a cost and revenue control and monitoring system that allows the management of many sectors of activity that Verlata has. Because spreadsheets are too error-prone and little scalable, they looked up a database solution. Rabio seemed to meet Verlata's needs and now it is used for managing costs.

Visit Verlata's web site here and learn more for the very important social task that people

rabio budgeting solution for Verlata

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