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Project Management Terms & Symbols

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Date: January 29, 2021, 9:58 am

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Tags: Actual Cost of Work Performed, actual costs, Budget at Completion, Budgeted Cost for Work Performed, Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled, Control Account, cost breakdown structure, Cost Performance Index, Cost Variance, earned value, Estimate at Completion, Estimate to Complete, Management Reserve, project management, Schedule Performance Index, Schedule Variance, symbols, terms, Undistributed Budget, Variance at Completion, work breakdown structure

Download your copy of Project Management Terms Symbols offered by Rabio.

The table contains terms, symbols, formulas and descriptions for:
  • Actual Cost of Work Performed
  • Budget at Completion
  • Actual Costs
  • Earned Value
  • Budgeted Cost for Work Performed
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Cost Breakdown Structure
  • Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled
  • Control Account
  • Cost Performance Index
  • Cost Variance
  • Earned Value Mgt. System Criteria
  • Estimate to Complete
  • Estimate at Completion
  • Management Reserve
  • Schedule Performance Index
  • Schedule Variance
  • Undistributed Budget
  • Variance at Completion

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project management terms and definitions
Project Management Terms & Symbols

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